Web Design & DevelopmentDetailed analysis of the process put into each website we create.

Web Design Pricing Chart

  • Standard Package



    Desired Domain Name Included

    Up to 10 pages

    Up to 5 Email Accounts

    Email Forwarding

    Up to 3 photo galleries

    PHP Contact Form


    Insert all Content/Images/Videos

    Generated Sitemap

    Google & Bing Search Engine Submission

    Google Analytics Implementation

    Quarterly Consultations









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  • Professional Package



    Desired Domain Name Included

    Up to 20 pages

    Up to 20 Email Accounts

    Email Forwarding

    Up to 10 photo galleries

    PHP Contact Form


    PHP/MySQL Database Integration

    Insert all Content/Images/Videos

    Generated Sitemap

    Google & Bing Search Engine Submission

    Logo Redesign if Requested

    Email Newsletter Subscription System

    Search Engine Friendly - SEO Optimization Service

    Google Analytics Implementation

    Quarterly Consultations





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  • Extreme Package



    Desired Domain Name Included

    Unlimited Pages

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Email Forwarding

    Unlimited photo galleries/portfolio

    PHP Contact Form


    PHP/MySQL Database Integration

    Insert all Content/Images/Videos

    Generated Sitemap

    Google & Bing Search Engine Submission

    Logo Redesign if Requested

    Email Newsletter Subscription System

    Search Engine Friendly - SEO Optimization Service

    Google Analytics Implementation

    Quarterly Consultations


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Additional Web Design Upgrade Services

A shopping cart will be implemented with your desired products. A backend will also be implemented so you can login and check orders, send invoices, check order statuses, etc. We can implement this on to your existing website or implemented in your new website. The shopping cart will be coded in PHP and MySql. Paypal will be used as the payment method. Direct Credit Cards gateway payments can only be accepted if you have a Merchant Account.

This feature will be useful for employee login for specified tasks or so you can send out newsletters to your email list that will be populated from your newsletter subscription on your webpage. Basically any feature you want implemented can be done to the backend. It can be used to upload information that will be populated on the front end of your website. The possibilities are endless.

We search engine optimize your website to the best of our ability & will follow all SEO guidelines. We have extensive research in SEO optimization. We will search and choose specific keywords which fit your company services. All meta tags will be correctly written. We will optimize your website with certain anchor, title, and headline tags. We will use our expertise to best help your webpage slowly move up in Search Engines. We will also implement Rich Snippets which is a new feature in Google to show more about your website in the search engine.

This includes updating pictures, content, spell checking, & other various tasks. Anything that you fill is outdated will be updated upon your request. This is not a website redesign overhaul. This is minor updates only.

If you have any other web design needs please send us a email or mention it in the web design quote and we will let you know if we can accomplish your web development goal while giving you a competitive price quote.

Always remember, that nothing is impossible. If there is something you want implemented in your website, please tell us and we will do everything possible to get it done. We have talented programmers who hand code each webpage, function, script, etc. We want to make your website dreams come to life. Let us help you get the internet presence your company needs.

The World Of Web Design

Our Process

Where it all starts.

The stage where ideas flow.

Research Process

I would routinely categorize this process as the brainstorming process. I use this time to gather my thoughts and understand the layout needed to accomplish the customer's goals. I gather information that would pertain to the current project and ogranize them in a fashion that will make later processes less complicated.

I try to make sure that I have touched base with my customer enough to correctly fulfill his goals of the website. I also research all the tools that will be necessary to finish the requirements of the job. This would be categorized as the most important process because without a strong amount of research the rest of the project will be limited in terms of completeness.

  • The base of any project is the core.
  • Connecting with the client and understanding what they want is the ultimate goal here.


Photoshop meets Graphic Designer

Design Process

This is where the partnership comes into play. Travis, the talented graphic designer, will come up with many layout ideas for the website with input from myself, Taylor. Travis will come up with many different logos, designs, pictures, drawing, etc. that will catch the eye and we will ultimately decide on what will benefit the customers needs the most and grab the consumers eye.

After this stage we will send a quick mock up of how the site will look via pictures of a few pages and make sure the customer is satisfied with the general look of the webpage. Once this step is completed and approved, the fun begins.

  • The design is the key to how the finished product will look.

Project Development

Advanced Technologies meets Detailed Programmer

Project Development Process

By utilizes the latest and greatest technologies known to web development such as html5, css, php, mysql, javascript, jquery, and much more. I am them able to start up a project in Dreamweaver (my preferred website management tool) and start coding. Each line of code has its specific value and I make sure to make every line readable. I take pride in the robustness and ease of use that I put into my coding and like to think that my years of experience in Computer Science is very well put to use.

I make sure to always use test servers to ultimately check to make sure the website and database if the website calls for one is working properly. I code each line of code from the opening tab to the end and pride myself in this. I am not a lazy coder; making sure to have many error checking to make the system as robust as possible while also being efficient. Some of the other tools that are used during the development stage are Dreamweaver, Photoshop, XXAMP, phpMyAdmin, Terminal, Preview, and various Web Browsers.

I use many tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to make sure that your website is being monitored regularly. These functions give me the avenue to show you detailed information of who is visiting your site, queries, and other important information to reach out to your target audience. I create a specific sitemap for each website and take the time to submit each sitemap to google as long with verifying each website to search engines for indexing. This is very important in terms of SEO optimization and here at Skyline Design we offer some of the best SEO optimization possible. By writing specific meta tags, descriptions, and etc. to each page of code we are able to get your website near the top in terms of competitors and keywords.

We will never move on to the next process until we feel as if we have a superior product that we can be proud of and show to the client.

  • At Skyline Design, we keep up with this fast paced industry and only use the revolutionary programming languages.
  • Understanding how every tag, function, and script works is the key to success.

Client Showing

Moment of Truth

Client Showing Process

This process is the ultimate test. We hold a meeting with the client and show him our finished work. Take in mind we are in constant contact with the client throughout each process to keep him updated on the whereabouts of the progress. If all goes well this meeting will be pretty much cut and dry. Hopefully, we strive for approval of the client and move on to the last few processes once the client has had a chance to review the product.

  • Customer satisfaction is our main goal in every project.
  • This is our great opportunity to get detailed feedback from the client.

Feedback Revisions

Time to revise the roughdraft.

Revisions Process

During the last process, we take in all of the feedback given from the client and make revisions. These can range from small to large. We will make sure to do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of the client. No matter how late of a night that calls for we will ALWAYS make the deadline. If we can not accomodate the client, we will promptly let the client know and take appropriate avenues to compromise around the situation to set up something that will work for them.

  • This is where we put the finishing touches on the project, and come up with the "final draft".

Client Approval & Project Launch

Time to enjoy the work accomplished.

Project Launch Process

This process is when everything gets finalized. We go through the website together and make sure that the client is more than pleased. We finalize the deal and go over all terms and agreements of the contract. Usually the client is put on a monthly plan for monthly hosting, maintence, updating, etc.

We will set a date with the client when the website will launch. We will make sure everything is in place to make sure this day goes as smooth as possible. We will do one last check to make sure there are no errors and everything is in proper working order. Last, we will discuss any future projects, shake hands, write checks, and have a delicious lunch.

Although, our product is finished and launched. Our service for our client is never finished. We offer some of the best customer support, and we will strive to make sure that this project stays updated and in the top tier brackets of websites.

  • Where all the hard work has paid off.
  • While the work is finished, we understand our service for your is never complete.

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    Web Design & Development

    Yeah, were a little nerdy...

    Believe it or not some people think well written semantic code is just as beautiful as the best design. Unabashedly we are one of them, building accessible and search engine friendly code that is lightweight and quick. Most importantly of all though, everything we build is built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

    iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry


    Young, Hip, & Smart

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so the saying goes, which is why we put ourselves in your shoes to work out exactly what is needed for you and your customers. Once established we work hard at the finer details, piecing together design that shouts style and sophistication but above all composed with bundles of care.

    Logo Design
    User interface design
    Marketing Campaigns
    Email newsletter design

    Vinyl Graphics

    Get sticky with it...

    It is an indisputable fact that the overall appearance and individual branding of your vehicles and store frontages will say much about the quality and reliability of the service you provide. And at a time when securing new business has become increasingly more difficult, it is necessary to ensure that every penny spent on marketing shows an immediate and visible return on investment.

    Vehicle Wraps
    Boat Wraps
    Store Frontage

    Marketing Products

    Make an impression...

    The most important word in business:


    Check out what marketing products we provide for You and your company.

    Business Cards
    Letter Heads
    Door Hanger

    Fabricated Signage

    Get noticed...

    From start to finish, your project is handled by one of our experienced project managers. We have a fleet of crane and service trucks that give our experienced team the ability to complete multiple sign installations in a single day. A well maintained sign is vital to your company's brand. When your sign is not looking its best, what message are you sending?

    Lighted Signs
    Channel Letters
    Routed Faces
    Digital Imaging


    We make you pretty...

    We provide everything you need from a photographers, props, editing, raw images, branded photo products, fulfillment and more. From very small and simple to very complex multi-day, multi-city events, we can put together the right photo program to fit your specific needs.

    Real Estate

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