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Meet The Team

  • Travis Truett,
    CEO & Founder

    As the founder and creator of Skyline Design in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I've been designing and branding since I was 16 and directing this company since I was 20. While studying Graphic Design at Coastal Carolina University, I managed Skyline Design at night to pay my way through college, and it has now emerged as my career. With the intentions of creating this company based around signs and vehicle graphics, I began to discover my passion for creativity and branding more than I ever had before. Thus, I turned my business into an all-inclusive branding experience; we seek to enhance the brand of your company through a variety of mediums, creating the perfect cocktail for your success and how your customers perceive your business. Over the years, I have established many professional relationships, but keeping in line with the old-school method of business, I pride myself upon building lasting and worthwhile relationships that foster tailored branding campaigns, which include:

    Sticking to our word!

    Producing a great product!

    Ensuring the satisfaction of great customer service and production!

    Visual Design Concept/Branding10.0

    Business Management9.5

    Website Design9.0

    Print Production9.0


    Social Media Marketing8.5

    Adobe Creative Suites8.0



    SEO Marketing6.5

  • Taylor Truett,
    Web Designer & Developer

    I am an avid techie who is consistently amazed by the onward progress of technology. In middle school, I began disassembling computers to do simple repairs, such as hard disk swaps and processor upgrades. As I grew older, I became increasingly persuaded to software side of computing. I am now a specialist in Web Design & Development because I enjoy merging the functionality of an efficient website with a graphically stunning user interface composed of sleek technologies.

    I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Science at Coastal Carolina University in Computer Science, and plan to use my education to enhance my existing expertise in web development and SEO optimization. I pride myself in personally creating every line of code, and it is my goal to create code that is readable, robust, and efficient while constantly updating technologies and languages to compete in the fast-paced environment of your company.

    I was raised in the South where one's word is essential and dependability is paramount. I carry my humble upbringing into the office. I approach each client with a creative thought process and a steadfast work ethic. I look forward to working with you in the future, and helping you achieve your dreams of creating an impactful web presence for your company.

    Web Design9.0


    SEO Optimization9.0



    Content Management9.5

    Social Media Marketing9.0

    Mobile API8.0

    Server/Hosting Adminstrator9.5

    Customer Service10.0

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