About SKDDesign & Branding Buccaneers, forging a new path in this exciting technological era.

  • Established 2009,

    Skyline Design was the brainchild of one unconventional thinker, but has employed many. We are not shy of doing things differently and like to think our personal approach to how we work is why you will enjoy working with us. Oh, it might also be because of the excellent results we deliver for our clients.

    Our passions revolve around two things: first is great design and second is great branding. We enjoy nothing more than marrying the two together to create something that is both beautiful to use, but also functionally excellent.

  • Hard working, decisive, open to ideas, and appreciate the value of creativity & design.

    • If this is how you approach your work then we may just be the perfect match for each other. We love what we do, which is why we like to work with businesses that share our ideas and understand that to get the best results for YOU, we need a great working relationship… and above all else, let's enjoy the whole process!

      If there is one thing all our clients on is our ability to understand exactly what you want and translate it into an effective outcome, whether it be as complex as a new eCommerce website or as simple as an business card.

    Why Choose Skyline Design? We’ll Tell You!

    • Your Happiness
    • We want you to be happy. 100% of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients, so it's important to us that our clients are happy with our work. Check our testimonials if you don't believe us.

    • Our websites are flexible
    • New functionality can be added seamlessly and quickly without reinventing the wheel. What does this mean for you? Faster turnaround times and lower costs since it takes us less time to implement complex features.

    • We put you in control
    • Every website comes with a password-protected control panel so you can keep your website updated on your schedule. Simply login and change your pages!

    • No hidden fees
    • We tell you the costs upfront with our detailed proposals; we want all of us to have the same expectations for your project.

    • You get a great design AND a sophisticated website
    • Why have a high-tech website with all the bells and whistles that looks only mediocre, or vice versa?

    • Custom website designs
    • Need a unique design for your website? We actually listen to your ideas and create your website design especially for you, based on your input.

    • We do all of our own design work in-house
    • Since we don't contract any part of our services we don't have to pay a middleman, so we can pass on lower rates to you!

    • We lovingly hand-code
    • Why does this matter? Because software programs that generate HTML also generate unnecessary code in the process. This bulky code produces slower websites, makes them more difficult to maintain, less search-engine-friendly and less accessible to those using mobile devices or assistive technologies. Hand coding produces much more efficient code and gives us ultimate control over the details of your website. For you this means your website will be faster, easier to maintain, search-engine-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

    • Cross browser tested
    • We'll make sure your website looks good in the latest versions of the major web browsers.

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